New York

Statue of Liberty

Some highlights from our visit to New York.  The photos proceed primarily from north (at Central Park) to south (as far as the Statue of Liberty).

Central Park

Central Park, Heather and JeffDakota

During our visit in 2004, we got a few inches of snow, making Central Park a winter wonderland.  The other picture is of the Dakota, where John and Yoko had their apartment.  It is just outside of Central Park on Central Park West and 72nd St


Metropolitan Gallery

Lots of beautiful art.  They do have the habit of closing certain exhibit rooms for periods of time for no apparent reason, so check ahead if there's a particular piece you want to see.



Looks neat from the outside.  Didn't get a chance to visit.

We did go to the Design Museum which is in Carnegie's old mansion.  The building was interesting, but the exhibit was rather dull.

Time Square

Time Square

Always bustling.  Interesting people watching.  Broadway and the theaters are all nearby.

TV Show Tapings in New York

Hello Deli

The Hello Deli is where Rupert Jee., Letterman's occasional cameo guest, runs his shop.  Just around the corner from the Ed Sullivan Theater where Letterman is taped.

We tried to get tickets to Letterman and the Daily Show, last minute, but without success.  Info on Daily Show tickets is here.  It's taped in Comedy Central's studio at 733 11th Avenue.  Info on Letterman tickets is here.  There is a website dedicated to the various shows taped in New York and strategies to get tickets (

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Darn, we forgot our skates...  This building is also home to a lot of NBC show studios and the theater with the Rockettes.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

We didn't take a train anywhere, but the station itself has an impressive architecture and is neat to look around.

Mid Town

We ventured down this way to see Yeardley Smith, best known as the voice of Lisa Simpson, do an off Broadway play.

While down in this area, I'd recommend eating at Tamarind, a really good Indian Restaurant.  41 E. 22nd Street.

Moving further south you hit Little Italy. While down here I had a childhood flashback seeing the logo for the Ferrara Italian bakery,  they also make boxes of nougat candy which I recall always getting around Christmas time from my relatives in New Orleans.


Wall Street

Wall Stree Bull

Well its the center of the US economy, so take a look.  Security is tight so we couldn't actually go in and see the trading floor.  Don't miss the statue in honor of the bull market.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

One cool bridge.  The walkway is suspended above the roadway.  Didn't actually travel to Brooklyn, just enjoyed the view.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberyt and Coin

Fun with U.S. currency and monuments.  See similar stunt in Washington D.C. in front of White House with a twenty.  Note that the security on the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty is now on par with that at airports.  Long lines, X-ray machines and wands.  I don't think they made me take my shoes off, but I could be misremembering...

Ground Zero


It's sombering to look out over the site.  If you're feeling depressed, you might want to skip visiting the World Trade Center.  This picture was taken in 2004.  As far as I know, it still looks about the same now in 2006.